The Absa Cape Epic, known as the "Tour de France" of mountain biking, is one of the most challenging and exciting events in the world for lovers of two wheels. As a participant and sponsor, we at Eleven Pro are excited to be part of this extraordinary adventure. Every year, elite cyclists and enthusiasts from around the world gather in South Africa to take on the most demanding routes, spectacular landscapes and fierce competition. In this article, we've explored everything you need to know about this epic event, from the challenges runners face to the spirit of camaraderie that defines this unique experience. The Absa Cape Epic is not just a race, it is a celebration of mountain biking in its purest and most exciting form. We look forward to sharing this experience and supporting participants as they embark on this unforgettable journey. Get ready to experience the excitement of the Absa Cape Epic with Eleven Pro !

History and meaning

The event was born from the vision of two passionate cyclists, Kevin Vermaak and Levin de Boer, who dreamed of creating a race that would challenge elite cyclists while celebrating the natural majesty of South Africa's Western Cape. What started as a challenge for a brave few has transformed into an eight-day experience that attracts competitors from around the world, from professionals to amateurs, all eager to take on the most challenging and beautiful trails in the world.

Over the years, the Absa Cape Epic has built a reputation as the "Tour de France" of mountain biking , thanks to its varied and challenging terrain, demanding course and atmosphere of camaraderie. Each edition features a unique course, designed to challenge riders and take them through some of the most stunning landscapes in the world, from rugged mountains to lush valleys and golden sand beaches.

In addition to its impact on the world of sport, the Absa Cape Epic has also left an indelible mark on local communities and environmental conservation in South Africa. Through partnerships with local organizations, the event has contributed to the economic development of the region and the support of nature conservation projects , ensuring that future generations can enjoy the unique beauty of these landscapes.

Event Details 2024

The 2024 edition of the Absa Cape Epic, in its 20th anniversary , promises to take excitement and challenge to a new level. The race is scheduled to take place from March 17 to 24, offering cyclists a unique experience that will challenge both their physical and mental resistance. During these eight days, participants will cover a total distance of approximately 700 km with 16,000 m of positive gradient spread over 8 stages from the Prologue in Lourensford to Tulbagh, passing through Wellington and to the Grand Final in Stellenbosch, which guarantees a true test of skill and endurance.

2024 edition stages


  • Sunday March 17
  • 26km
  • 1,050 m gradient
  • Departure and arrival at Lourensford Wine Estate

Stage 1

  • Monday March 18
  • 90km
  • 2,450 m elevation gain
  • Departure and arrival at Saronsberg, Tulbagh

Stage 2

  • Tuesday March 19
  • 93km
  • 2,200 m elevation gain
  • Departure and arrival at Saronsberg, Tulbagh

Stage 3

  • Wednesday 20 March
  • 94km
  • 2,100 m elevation gain
  • Departure at Saronsberg, Tulbagh
  • Arrival at CPUT Wellington

Stage 4

  • Thursday March 21
  • 88km
  • 3,000 m of elevation
  • Departure and arrival CPUT Wellington

Stage 5

  • Friday March 22th
  • 70 km
  • 1,750 m gradient
  • Departure and arrival CPUT Wellington

Stage 6

  • Saturday March 23
  • 87 km
  • 2,300 m elevation gain
  • Departure and arrival Stellenbosch

Stage 7

  • Sunday March 24
  • 65 km
  • 2,000 m elevation gain
  • Departure and arrival Stellenbosch

To ensure the safety and well-being of all participants, the event will feature a team of dedicated organizers and volunteers, as well as aid stations along the course. Additionally, special health and safety measures will be implemented to mitigate any potential risks and ensure a safe and memorable experience for everyone involved.

How to prepare

Properly preparing for the Absa Cape Epic 2024 is essential to meeting the physical and mental challenges that come with this epic mountain bike race. In addition to rigorous training and careful logistical planning, having the right equipment can make the difference between success and failure in your race.

  1. Physical training

    Before participating in the Absa Cape Epic, it is crucial to follow a training program that includes a combination of mountain biking, strength training and cardiovascular conditioning. This will help improve the endurance, strength and technique needed to meet the challenges of the course. Additionally, it is important to include specific training sessions on terrain similar to what will be encountered during the race, to familiarize yourself with the terrain conditions and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  2. Team Choice

    Selecting the right equipment is critical to success on the Cape Epic. From the bike to the protective gear and clothing, every detail counts. At Elevén Pro , we are known for our high-quality pads, designed to provide comfort and protection for long periods of time on the bike. In this edition we participate as a sponsor of the runners José Ignacio Palacio and Alexander Rodríguez in the GRAND MASTER category, giving them the guarantee of having top quality equipment that helps them maximize their performance and enjoy a more comfortable experience in the race.
  3. Familiarization with the Terrain

    Knowing the terrain on which you will compete is essential to developing an effective strategy during the race. Before the event, it is advisable to study the course in detail, identify critical points and practice on similar terrain whenever possible. This will help you anticipate the challenges you will encounter during the race and adjust your preparation accordingly.
  4. Logistics Planning

    In addition to the physical aspect, logistical planning is also crucial to success in the Absa Cape Epic. This includes arranging transportation, accommodation, food and any other logistical aspects related to participating in the race. It is important to make sure you have everything organized in advance to avoid any mishaps during the event.
  5. Personal Care and Recovery

    During preparation and the race itself, it is important to pay attention to self-care and recovery. This includes maintaining a balanced diet, hydrating adequately, getting enough rest, and paying attention to any signs of fatigue or injury. Additionally, having a support team, such as physical therapists or massage therapists, can be beneficial to aid recovery and prevent injury.

In conclusion the Absa Cape Epic 2024 promises to be another exciting chapter in the history of this legendary mountain biking event. As a participant and sponsor, we at Eleven Pro are excited to be part of this unique experience. With its unique combination of physical challenges, stunning scenery and spirit of camaraderie, the Absa Cape Epic continues to be a benchmark for sports lovers around the world. For us, this event not only represents an opportunity to highlight the performance of our products, but also to celebrate the passion and dedication of the cycling community. Whether as a participant or spectator, the Absa Cape Epic 2024 offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience the thrill and adventure of mountain biking at its finest. Get ready for an epic experience with Eleven Pro at the Absa Cape Epic 2024!