Our Beginnings

Our company, SIERRA ALTA SAS BIC, had its beginnings in Armenia Quindío, after the impact of the earthquake in 1999. Initially, we stood out as producers and merchants of informal clothing for men, manufacturing our first pieces in satellite workshops. However, due to the quality of the manufacturing, we choose to rent machinery and carry out the stamping process by hand. Thus, we manage to produce and sell directly in the cities of Armenia, Pereira and Manizales.

own manufacturing workshop, to guarantee the quality of our garments

Our brand

In 2000, we registered our brand ELEVEN , which has evolved over time thanks to our talented team of designers , giving it a renewed concept of casual fashion for men aged 18 to 35.

Growing up away from home.

In 2005, PROEXPORT (today PROCOLOMBIA) selected us to develop a strategic export plan , marking the beginning of our international sales to Ecuador and Venezuela. By 2006, we already had our own plant, controlling the cutting, embroidery, printing and sewing processes, although washing was still carried out outside our facilities.

New Plant, one more step towards excellence

In 2010, with the FRIENDLY CITIES project of the municipal mayor's office and the national government, we decided to move and establish a new plant in the Berlin neighborhood. This change sought to optimize conditions for our collaborators, suppliers and clients, contributing to the architectural and economic improvement of the sector. This move led us to reengineer our production process, implementing changes since August 2011 with the help of industrial engineers specialized in textile production .

The mayor's office of Armenia selected us to begin the certification process in NTC 6001 , with the aim of continuously improving our internal organization and production process.

new plant, one more step on the path

Conquering the European Market

With the support of ProColombia and the Dutch government, we were one of the 11 companies selected to train in the penetration of the European market. We participated in the most important machinery and fashion fair in Frankfurt in 2015 , closing commercial agreements for the European market.

Eleven Pro

In 2013, inspired by the general manager's passion for cycling, we started a project to manufacture sportswear for this sport, opening the doors to a new line of products in a completely different niche.

In our commitment to offer the best, we present innovative garments designed and made with the latest technologies in raw materials . Every detail of our creations makes a difference, reflecting our dedication to providing exceptional performance. We perfectly understand the intense sensation and adrenaline that accompanies cycling , as well as the freedom, commitment and dedication required to achieve each goal.

In this context, our garments are not only limited to aesthetics, but also offer the comfort and quality necessary to catapult you to success. We are committed to providing our customers not just clothing, but a unique experience that enhances their performance and makes them feel like true winners.

What we are, where we are.

Today, SIERRA ALTA SAS BIC has an international presence in more than 10 countries and has clients in specialized cycling stores in the main cities of Colombia, committed to continuous excellence by and for our clients.